You’re In Business!


You opened your small business or on-line store. Congrats!  What’s next?


For starters, you must provide a way for your customers to pay for their purchases.  You need “Merchant Services.”  You, the seller, must now provide a quick and convenient way for your customers to pay online.  You need a merchant account.


There are two ways to create your merchant account. One is to enter into an agreement with a member bank that has a processing relationship with Visa and Mastercard.  You can also enter into an agreement with an authorized agent of the member bank such as an independent sales organization or member service provider (ISO/MSP). Your business then agrees to follow the operating regulations put forth by the credit card brands.


Do you want to accept ALL credit cards? Many stores do not accept all credit cards.  Make a list of the cards you DO want to accept.


Will your customers pay you directly on your website, mobile phone, or on a virtual terminal?  You don’t want any surprises.


Do you want to continue accepting other payment methods?  You’ll need to know an approximate sales volume before contacting a merchant account provider.


Compare merchant account providers!  We think you’ll find that ARX Merchant Services is the best Merchant Services provider out there. We work with our clients. Your business is important to us. We won’t let you down.  ARX will tell you upfront about all fees.  No surprises!


First, you’ll complete an in-depth application and provide us with a lot of information about your business.  A small business will provide personal info as well. We’ll walk you through it.


When everything is complete, all of that hard work will pay off. Your business will be accepting payments safely and securely.


Call ARX Merchant Services today.