What Are Merchant Services?

Orland Merchant services blog post imageMerchant Services are simply credit card processing services. They handle electronic payments for merchants.  This involves obtaining sales information from the merchant, receiving authorization for the transaction, collecting the funds from the bank who issued the credit card, and forwarding the payment to the merchant.


Years ago, a business transaction included writing the amount owed into a ledger. Both merchant and buyer knew each other. The buyer was given a credit for his purchase and would pay at a later date. This was the honor system.


Times have changed. Back in 1946, a “Charg-It” system was introduced that allowed customers to charge their retail purchases.  The merchant deposited the charges at the local bank and the bank reimbursed the merchant for the sale. The bank collected payment from the customer.


Many banks began credit programs by offering revolving credit to their patrons. The cardholder was able to pay off a debt all in one payment, or extend payments with a finance change.


Times have changed and today, we have Merchant Services.


ARX Payment Services


ARX Payment Services is a boutique firm in the merchant services and credit card processing industry. We have over 20 years of merchant service experience providing solutions for companies of various sizes and diverse industries.


For old or new businesses, we offer solutions for accepting payment. Deciding on a POS (Point Of Sale) solution can be confusing, but ARX is ready to assist you in all aspects of POS services.


You will receive reliable, secure, and high performance POS terminals and peripherals. Our top-notch POS system will allow your business to accept almost every possible form of payment.


Find out what system is best for your company and get started on the road to success.  ARX has YOUR POS Retail Solution for today’s technological world of transactions.