What Are Merchant Services?


We are living in a unique environment. There was a time when if the term “cashless society” was mentioned, many would scoff and say “never!”  The time has arrived, however, where if you don’t accept credit cards, your business will suffer.


Merchant Services replaces cash and checks.  Merchant Services is a unique industry that is made up of accounts and equipment that a business must have to accept credit cards. This includes non-profits, on-line businesses, and small businesses selling a commodity.


These days, a merchant account is a necessity.  This is an unsecured line of credit. When someone purchases something using a credit card, they have as much time as needed to repay it.  The business, on the other hand, needs their money sooner. A merchant account is where those funds come from. The amount of the day’s sales is sent out for processing and settlement. The funds are withdrawn from the merchant’s account and deposited into the business’s checking account. This process takes about two days.


ARX Merchant Services offers merchant accounts.  Most banks do not offer merchant accounts.  ARX also sells the equipment needed to process credit cards.


If you are an on-line business, you will need a “payment gateway.”  This provides the same service as a credit card terminal in a store. It captures credit card data, encrypts the data and sends it out over the national payment network. It approves or declines the payment. ARX will also set this up for you.


When you’re looking for a merchant services company, call ARX Merchant Services for a cost comparison. We think we have the best to offer and you’ll be pleased with our services and reliability. We also help create gift cards and loyalty programs.


ARX Merchant Services, Your Reliable MSP!