Retail Payment Solutions

One day, you decide to open a business. Whether it’s internet based, a stand-alone office site, or in a strip mall, you will find something new every single day that you need or want.  As time passes, you eventually realize you also need a better way to accept payments. Cash and checks do not work on the internet, and there’s too much involved accepting checks at your business location. So, you go to the internet and see what’s available.


You find online and discover retail solutions you’ve never heard of. Welcome to merchant services, the safe, quick, and secure way to accept payment from anywhere and everywhere. Even if you’re a pet groomer who drives from house to house, you can accept payment on the spot. Lawn maintenance payment?  No problem.  If your client has a credit card, you can accept their payment. With ARX Payment Services, you can accept every possible form of payment making your customer service experience even better. They’re happy and you’re happy. No more bounced checks and Insufficient Funds notifications. You’ll know on the spot.


If you’re thinking of opening a business, look for a multifunctional POS system. Make sure it’s affordable and easy to use for you and selected staff members.


There are other things to look at when selecting your POS retail payment services provider. One option is the Mobile Checkout POS system. You will be able to process sales from anywhere, use with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. These are all backed by a PCI compliant gateway.


Visit us soon and find out which system is right for you. What capabilities are you looking for besides payment? Are you interested in inventory management?   Our sales reps are ready to answer all of your questions.


It’s time to grow your business. Call us today.