Mobile Payment Processing


Mobile Payment Processing is on the rise and more local businesses and service companies are using it.  If your company serves customers at their location, this is a great tool for you to have.  By allowing your customers to pay on the go, you help create a better customer experience and less hassles for them to deal with.


If you are a local business, this is a great tool for you as well. Many small businesses choose this option so they can streamline their setup and have the option to be mobile as well.


So how does Mobile Payments work?  Use your smartphone or tablet, Apple (iOS) or Android with no limit on monthly credit card transaction volume to process your customer’s payments.


Is Mobile Payments secure?  Not only is this service quick and easy, it also includes a level of security that is PCI compliant.  Your customer’s data for their accounts and cards will remain safe with special encryption during the transaction.


How soon will I receive the money from the transaction?  ARX Payment Services will settle to your preferred bank account within 48 hours of each transaction to maximize your cash flow.


Here are some of the benefits to having Mobile Payment Processing for your business.


  • No additional fees for mobile transactions.
  • Ability to get lower “swiped” rates.
  • End-to-end encryption - Your customers' credit card data remains safe with encryption at all stages of the transaction.
  • Inventory control - Store commonly used items for easy and quick access to inventory, upload pictures, add descriptions for items you sell, and even scan bar codes!


The real benefits of utilizing new methods of mobile payment processing lie beyond just these examples - it’s all about the efficiency and ease of the purchasing experience for your customers.  When your business provides these innovative technologies, your company is seen as a reputable, modern and an innovative business which may draw even more customers to your business.


Whatever merchant service or POS terminals you require, our no-cost audit will be a great place to start. Call today to see how we can help you improve your merchant services today.