Mobile Checkout POS

In an increasingly mobile world, the ability to adapt quickly and seize new opportunities is of the utmost importance for any business. Mobile payment solutions are the obvious course of action in order to avoid missing sales. When customers have the ability to pay on the go, there are more opportunities to secure sales because the entire store becomes a point of sale.


Mobile Checkout POS systems are an invaluable tool for growing businesses. Not only are they more affordable and easier to set up than traditional POS solutions, but they don’t sacrifice the additional features of traditional POS solutions such as inventory tracking and reporting software.


When deciding if a Mobile Checkout POS is right for you there are few things to keep in mind. First, it is important that your business’s Mobile Checkout POS works with the new EMV standard that is gaining momentum with consumers throughout the United States. Failure to have a chip-card reader can result in lost sales due to the EMV standard’s requirement of a chip-card reader. Also be wary of monthly limits on transaction volume as they can cripple your business’s ability to make sales. Finally, one of the fastest growing payment trends is the adoption of consumer payment solutions like Android Pay and Apple Pay. In order to not miss out on these sale opportunities, a mobile payment terminal should include near field communication functionality.


ARX Payment Services offers a complete Mobile Checkout POS in addition to their traditional POS systems. When using Mobile Checkout POS from ARX Payment Services, businesses have access to all of the same features of a traditional POS. These features include the ability to monitor voids, price overrides, and discounts quickly with the Mobile Checkout POS. Mobile Checkout POS allows businesses to track inventory and view analytics reports in order to make adjustments that correspond with sales trends. With ARX Payment Services, there is no limit on monthly credit card transaction volume and payments can be received from iOS or Android devices.


When using ARX Payment Services, your business will be able to process sales from any location with the same security and reliability as a traditional POS system. Just like the traditional POS solutions offered by ARX Payment Services, Mobile Checkout POS is backed by PCI compliant gateways. Furthermore, ARX Payment Solutions utilizes end-to-end encryption for each mobile transaction to ensure that customers’ credit card data is safe throughout every step of each transaction.