Merchant Services – Does My Business Need It?

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, if you’re local or on the internet. ARX Payment Services has a program for your business. Merchant services are here. Take advantage of them.


With over 20 years of merchant service experience, our portfolio includes merchants doing transactions on-line, retail, and via telephone. All of these merchant services are safe and secure. Both you and your customer can be assured that all private information is kept confidential. There are encryptions built into every transaction.


Our boutique services allows ARX Payment Services to customize pricing models. Client businesses have been literally saved by the unique service boutique that we offer. If your business is primarily credit-card based, Payment Services can save you thousands of dollars. Businesses who have benefited in the past are veterinarians, promotional products companies, appliance dealers, lawn services, beauty shop services, and numerous companies who tend to be “portable.”  You don’t have to own a “store” to make a profit.


Your POS system is extremely important to the success of your business. We are in the era of technology. Take advantage of it. POS systems are affordable, easy to use, and are loaded with features to make being a business owner easier.  Customer service should always be your priority.


Keep an eye on your inventory.  No more bounced checks. Instant payout.  Safe and secure. Merchant Services are just what a company needs to grow faster and better. Be known as “the business that gets it right the first time.”


Let us know how we can serve you.  Make sure your merchant services system is as good as the products you sell.


Remember: “The customer always comes first.”