The Benefits Of Accepting Credit Cards

It seems like most vendors accept credit cards nowadays due to high demand. But cash still works and continues to be some people’s preferred method of payment. Businesses no doubt like cash payments as they can avoid fees and be sure that checks don’t bounce or card payments decline. However, one of the best decisions you can make for your business is accepting credit card payments. Why is that? Let’s find out!


Missing Out On Sales


Studies show that nearly eight in 10 Americans carry less than $50 in cash and two out of five carry less than $20 on a daily basis. That means that many people who want to purchase your products or services could be pushed away from your business simply because they didn’t want to make a stop at the bank.


If you want to boost sales then credit card payments are certainly the way to go! If you’re concerned about merchant fees, know that there are plans that meet every budget. Plus, merchant services is like any business in that they have to compete with others, thus offering lower rates and better options.


Reduce Your Risk


Money and check sales have their perks but it also has its risks. Money can be easily misplaced, miscounted, ripped, inflated, and sometimes even fake. Checks can bounce if people don’t have the funds and you’ll have to fight to get that money into your account. That’s why you’ll reduce your risk by accepting credit card payments. Once you receive your payment, it’s as good as verified.


Legitimize Your Business


When people know that you accept credit cards, it simply seems more professional and reputable. You have the tools to accommodate your customers and are doing business in more advanced ways.


Accept Payments Online


Once you can accept credit card payments, you could even extend this by building an online shop that accepts card payments. The world of online shopping has been expanding rapidly as more and more people seek access to your services/products at times that convenience them. This would certainly expand your service/product opportunities.


Merchant Services


The first step you want to take in order to accept card payments is to find a merchant service that works in your best interests. You want to do a little research and be sure the services you receive come from an experienced company that can accommodate you. It can seem scary at first since there are so many options and numbers, but it will certainly benefit you in the end.


ARX Payment Service can help you with our experience that extends over 20 years. We are a company of the customer, meaning that your success comes first! We want you to succeed and that’s why we’ve saved clients hundreds to thousands of dollars each month in processing fees! ARX Payment Services wants you to get the most out of adding credit card payments to your business. So call for your quote today or a free audit/analysis of your current credit card processing!