ARX Merchant Services For Every Business

ARX Merchant Services offers a no-cost evaluation of your business to obtain the best technology and the most affordable program for you, our client. Interested in expanding and growing your business? We can help.


ARX Merchant Services has been in business for over 20 years specializing in unique options in merchant payment systems. As we continue to expand across the country, we are making retail sales more accessible for entrepreneurs and long-established companies who are branching out into the online sales market. ARX is second to none when it comes to exceptional service. ARX Merchant Services continues to grow, and retail purchasing power becomes more accessible for many. We are the leaders in transaction services to both small and large companies, both on and offline.


ARX offers a “boutique” type of purchasing power. Clients can pick and choose what they need with affordable pricing for their business in an easy-to-use format. Saving money is what most businesses strive for, and the boutique aspect of our company does just that. No longer do you have to purchase a “package” of things you don’t need. As a client, you select what is necessary at the current stage of your business. As your business grows, you can add to your list.


A POS terminal can start as bare minimum, and as your business grows, your desire for more bells and whistles will be available. Your desire is to begin with an affordable terminal and easy to use. ARX will work with you to design the best system for your company. We’ll make sure you have what you need, but at the same time, additional features can be added. From things as simple as inventory management to features that make it easier for you to run your business, ARX has you covered.