Accepting Payments Online

Do you have a small business and would like to accept payments on your website?  ARX Merchant Services makes that possible.


For the all-in-one solution, ARX Merchant Services makes it easy for you to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payments from your website. When a customer enters their information onto your site, ARX Merchant Services authorizes the verified transaction and transfers the funds to your account.


To process payments in-house, you set up a computer that uses encryption to keep hackers out of your confidential information. This is called a “secure server.”  This is possible through secure data technology.  Register your site with a digital authentication service. This will assure your customers that your site is legitimate and that their information is encrypted and safe.


You’ll need to build or purchase shopping software which allows your customers to shop from your site. You will create a “shopping cart.”  When your customers have completed their shopping, they click on “checkout” which takes them to your secure server where credit card information is gathered.


You’ll need a system that will process credit card payments.  ARX Merchant Services will provide you with software that validates your customer’s credit card information over your secure server.


The internet has grown in leaps and bounds. We can do most of our shopping online. This saves time and travel.


Ordering something over the internet requires entering a lot of personal information.  Keep all information safe and secure. ARX Merchant Services will help you with all of your internet solutions. Give us a call and find out how you can have state-of-the-art internet experiences like other businesses around you.


ARX Merchant Services has the solution for all of your online payment needs. Call us today.


Be competitive while being safe!